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Potter Postulation

Harry Potter Theories, Thoughts, & Tidings

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Welcome to Potter Postulation, the place for all your Harry Potter theories.
Here you can post and comment on various theories, thoughts, news, and rumours
having to do with all things Potter. If you have news, theories or thoughts,
that have not previously been posted then start a thread. If you see a post
you find interesting comment or continue to specualte in the comments section.

Please, when commenting do NOT bash other members. You are free to diagree
with a point, and present your agruements in a mature way. Please offer proof
if you can, and no name calling.
Ie: "Snape's a loser, and anyone who likes him is too, so Snape lovers DIE."

This is immature, and your comments will be deleted.

Please, do not post just to say you dislike the 'Potterverse'. Again, maturity
folks, you don't like it, go elsewhere.

We are open to discussions of possible homosexual, hetrosexual, etc. pairings
in the books, (so no flames if you are morally against one or the other) but
please, nothing outside the human species. Squicky pairing like
Dobby/Giant Squid will be deleted. Let's not be silly.

This is strictly a place for Potter lovers to converse about their thoughts.
None of the ideas expressed are those of J.K.Rowling, Warner Bros. etc.
I do not claim any ownership to the world, and merely wish I lived there.
I take no responsiblity to commets posted,
and reserve the right to remove any post.


A proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural,
in contrast to well-established propositions that are regarded
as reporting matters of actual fact.


The faculty of thinking or reasoning.


A report of a recent event; intelligence; information

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